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"My husband travels a lot for work. When I got sick right after the birth of my first child, I knew that we needed help taking care of our newborn. We were lucky enough to have Charlene help us. Charlene was amazing! For the first year, she helped take care of my daughter for many, many nights and sometimes during the day.  She was there for sleep time, bath time, play time and diaper disaster time. As a new Mom, she helped me during the rockiest time of my new parent journey. With Charlene, I never felt judged when I was a stressed new Mom and looking like a hot mess. She was such a calming influence for me. I felt like I could ask her about everything, from baby gas to baby gear. She always had great advice. (The baby walker was a godsend!) My daughter loved her too. She would light up when Charlene came over. I totally recommend Charlene to any soon-to-be parents of a little one."

-Caitlin Sullivan

"Charlene was a godsend during the first few months of my daughter Eden’s life. I had the hardest time breastfeeding. So many things seemed to go wrong during that period of time. Eden wasn’t latching. I wasn’t generating enough milk. I had severe pain during every feeding attempt. I was feeling defeated to say the least. Charlene was always a phone call and text message away, ready to provide advice, guidance and most importantly support and motivation. She is well versed in providing tips geared towards your specific needs. No cookie cutter advice from Charlene. She cares deeply about her clients and makes every effort to be that reliable and resourceful professional. With baby #2 on the way, there is no doubt that I will have Charlene on speed dial for all my baby nurse needs."

-Ethel Falaise

"We loved having Charlene as our baby nurse! She rescued us as new parents with a very fussy baby who had difficulty sleeping. We were able to sleep through the night, only getting up once to pump.  She showed us lots of useful tips for the baby’s sleep and for bottle feeding and breastfeeding. She identified the baby’s reflux issue before any Doctor identified it.  She was warm, friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. We used her again with our second baby for help with bottle feeding and in one day she accomplished the task. We highly recommend her for any baby nurse or doula related needs."

-Christi Walker

"Charlene has deep expertise across numerous subject areas,  which greatly accelerated both our aptitude in caring for our daughter and our daughter's pace at developing structured sleeping habits.  I'm certain we would have faced additional challenges on the learning curve were it not for Charlene's assistance."

-Justin Labelle

"Charlene was great in helping me adjust to breastfeeding as a first time mom. She gave me several tips that assisted me when I was stressed and even baked me home made lactation cookies! She also assisted me with swaddling and techniques to get the baby into a consistent bedtime routine. Definitely recommend Charlene to first time (and all) moms!"

-Yanoh Jalloh

"Charlene is an amazing newborn care expert, who we would highly recommend to anyone! We have three kids, two of which are twins, and during the newborn period Charlene was such a comforting and supportive resource to us at a time when things were very overwhelming. We learned so much from her about childcare and nursing in a short time frame. Her guidance and expertise are invaluable. She is not only professional and knowledgeable, but she is loving and patient with little ones, so you know your children are in the best hands!"

-Somdatta Loomis

-Charlene is a champion for collaborative action for breastfeeding support and advocacy in the Greater Boston area. She cares deeply about providing the best care for new families. Charlene has done great things to lift up other leaders up by providing tools, systems, and processes to support those who seek a profession in the lactation field. Her passion and skill set make her a great person to work with in advancing equitable maternal-child health care together."

-Erica Pike

Communications & Policy Manager

Vital Village

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